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Mathematics is a lesson that many people find it difficult to learn. This happens because most people today are not so pleased with scientific theories related to mathematical calculations. However, there are also several groups that happy with this lesson. This group usually consists of people who are born with mathematical talent or people who count are interested in math. But if we look at the facts and wanted to seriously study it, it turns out studying mathematics not a difficult thing. We just need to understand the learning strategies and basic concepts in the future so that we are able to successfully learn mathematics.

There are five things to note in learning mathematics, namely:

> Point your students to be able to find the basic concept is right and they are easy to understand. Teach the process well, and not just looking for a solution.

> Encourage yourself / your students using the target achievement in terms of seeking and finding answers to math problems. This can make ourselves / your students to become independent learners.

> Push yourself / your students to attend math class because math class very well attended to find the best learning mathematics concepts. The search for the teacher to teach you, it was only in addition to making you even easier in learning mathematics.

> Find additional learning mathematics on the internet, or get an online math teacher on theinternet. Because the Internet is very much to offer services like this. > Do not be confused with the process of learning is right for yourself / your students, because so many sources of information you can access out there, get rid of your confusion, keep optimistic and believe that you / your students can master math.

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