Hire A Good Writer for Personal Statement

Hiring A Good Writer for Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement is not a walk through the park for many people. Rather, it is like walking through a dark forest where a wild animal can pounce on you any time. This is because you are expected to cover your educational background and achievements in limited words and a few mistakes could spell failure. Regardless, personal statements are critical for admissions to colleges and some job positions and that is why many people consider hiring a good writer for personal statement instead of struggling to put words together.

But how do you find a professional personal statement writer? Students will ask this question especially if they do not trust their writing skills with the task. That is acceptable since one cannot be a jack of all trades. Finding professional writers is only difficult if you do not know where and what to look. We will start by showing you where you can find a good writer to hire.

  • LinkedIn ProFinder

Linked ProFinder is platform through which you can get professional career services including resume and professional personal statement writing. It is very easy to use especially if you are a linked in member since you will not be required to sign up. The best part about LinkedIn ProFinder is that you can opt to either work with a local writer near you or remote writer over the internet. Additionally, the platform offers some form of quality guarantee by verifying every professional registering on the platform. When hiring a professional personal statement writer from LinkedIn, be sure to check their profile for endorsements and records or previous work.

  • As for a friend

Personal statement writing in not a new service. It has been around for as long professional writing has existed. Therefore, there is a chance that one person in your network of friends knows a good writer that could help. Essentially, you should as for referrals to known writes especially those who have since joined their preferred colleges. This should not be hard if you have any friends in the neighborhood.

  • Career websites

Job boards are excellent places to find career-related services. As such, top career and resume writing websites may also offer personal statement writing services. You could try websites like The Muse, Monster, Top resume or ZipJob.

  • Freelance websites

Freelance websites are usually skill pools where you can find any imaginable service you ever wanted. The advantage of hiring from freelance websites is that they are secure and you can always evaluate a writer based on feedback left by others.

Skills to Look for When Finding A Personal Statement Writer

  • Good communication: A good communicator can be a good writer.
  • Creativity and experience: A mix of creativity and experience in writing personal statements is a guarantee that your writer knows exactly what is needed. Remember that a personal statement is often limited in the words or pages you can write.
  • Reliability: This often matters when you are striving to beat the deadline for applications. Can your writer deliver quality in limited time? Note you may have to pay more if you have a short deadline.

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