Writer Personal statement.

How to describe yourself as a writer.

Writing a great personal statement has nothing to do with confidence or self-esteem. It is more about self-awareness and putting that on paper or describing it to someone directly when asked. Of course, in this case, your experience and expertise will be the added advantage as it shows your ability to execute the assignments which will be given to you.

Do not lose confidence if you have once failed at this. It is normal, and everyone at one point in time had a little difficulty describing how who they were, and worse still, they couldn't formulate a full paragraph describing themselves. You must center your statement around your abilities and skills and the unique factors you can bring to the job. The following are factors that you can include in your statement as a writer;

  1. Introduction. Begin by formally introducing yourself. This is where you state your names, what you do, what you have studied, and where you are currently. Where you are presently is always in terms of employment. If you have none, you do not have to mention it.
  2. Experience and expertise. State your strongholds in this section. If you have some writing regions' experiences, make sure to mention them and indicate them to show the reader your in-depth knowledge of the matter. Make a mention of the articles you have done in that regard, and any other in general. Be sure to show your prowess in writing and orally, being able to defend your work if the case arises. Experience is about the number of years you have done your writing job or the number of successful articles you have done in your previous working experience. This gives a prospective client the confidence that you can handle their task well.
  3. Reliability. You must show your ability to deliver on time and in the required manner. This is because writing is about delivery and on-time delivery. Hence if you are unreliable on that front, it would become quite tricky harnessing a working relationship with you because money may be lost in the process, and you may come out as incompetent.
  4. Quality work. You must show that your delivery is not only top-notch, but it is quality. Writing is about the value of what is in the paper, as opposed to it was done. Therefore, it is your job as a writer to include in your statement that you offer quality services that will be relevant, spell, and grammatical errors free, and it will pass for plagiarism.
  5. Writing skills. Over the years or months of experience, find new ways to improve your writing skills. With experience, you can state this in your statement that you have grown your writing skills in one way or another. If you attended short courses on writing in process, this will be a great advantage as you would show the seriousness with which you carry your work.

Therefore, your statement as a writer is no different from the usual personal statement. The only difference is that you have to show your hands-on skills from the word go.

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